Here's where we're at.
Welcome to the roadmap. Here you can see what we’ve shipped recently, what we’re building next, and how we’re doing as a company.
By sharing this information we aim to demystify the weird and wonderful process of working on a mostly bootstrapped web company. We’re working our hardest to build a space that’s mindful, respectful, and accountable to our thousands of lovely members. We have lots of ideas for how to do a better job, as well as lots of challenges.
This is meant to be as transparent as reasonably possible. If there’s something you don’t see here that you’d like to know, just email [email protected].
Road to self-sustainability’s mission is to build a member-supported community. Since we're accountable to our members instead of advertisers, our incentive is always to build a tool that fosters learning and genuine collaboration. This also means that’s future relies entirely on community contributions. Here’s how you can help:
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